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Methods for bypassing the check of final qualifying works for the amount of borrowed text and ways to identify them. Errors in words. Part 2

O.Ya. Kutsiy, T.Yu. Tsibizova
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UDC 378(079)-044.3:004.04


O.Ya. Kutsy is Senior Researcher at sub-faculty “Melting technologies”, Head of division of normative and methodological supporting of educational process at Bauman MGTU e-mail:; and T.Yu. Tsibizova is Dr. Sci. (Pedagogy), Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), Ass. Prof. At sub-faculty “Sistems of automatic management” at Bauman MGTU, head of sub-faculty “Pedagogy, psychology, law, history and philosophy” at Mytishchi branch of Bauman MGTU e-mail:


Examined are issues of checking student papers for the amount of borrowed text and to the problems of controlling the circumvention of this check. The article considers the implementation of a number of methods of the widely used method of bypassing the check associated with errors in words. Shows various ways to detect this workaround in MS Word documents.

Key words: final qualifying work, plagiarism, education, checking for the amount of borrowing, bypassing the check for the amount of borrowing.



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