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Acmeological factors of the professional formation of the employee of the in-ternal affairs

M.Kh. Mashekuasheva, L.A. Gelyakhova
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UDC 378:355.4


M.Kh. Mashekuasheva is Cand. Sci. (Psychology), Ass. Prof. of the Department of GiGPD e-mail:; and L.A. Gelyakhova is Cand. Sci. (Jurisprudence), Senior Lecturer of the Department of OPD e-mail: Both at North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation


Analyzed are personal characteristics of the formation and achievement of a high level of professional competence of employees of internal affairs bodies. The authors note that the modern system of vocational education determines the formation of the development of an employee of the internal affairs bodies as a subject of culture, a subject of activity and takes into account self-formation, that is, the construction and implementation of one's own program for the formation of professionalism. A thorough study of the issues of the individual moral and psychological qualities of police officers with the involvement of related sciences will make it possible to turn the management of psychological and pedagogical support of professional development into a high-tech and effective process aimed ultimately at the high-quality performance of tasks in extreme conditions and, in general, at increasing the level of service and combat preparedness and readiness.

Key words: employee of the internal affairs bodies, professional development, professional training, crime prevention, professionalism, competence, personal growth.



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