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Teaching oral and written business communication skills in a foreign language to graduate students

A.B. Evseev
80,00 ₽

UDC 37.09:811.111       


A.V. Evseev is Cand. Sci. (Pedagogy), Ass. Prof. at Vladimir State University n.a. A.G. and N.G. Stoletovs e-mail:


Covered are number of issues linked with teaching business foreign language to MA students in the context of the requirement of the Russian federal state educational standard 3++. Considered are competences shaped in the first-year graduate students as part of solving the problems and reaching the goals envisaged by the syllabus in Business Foreign Language. Based on his personal experience, the author names the problems faced by graduate students learning business communication in the foreign language, and provides probable solutions. Special attention is drawn to the stages shaping business letter writing skills. Written correspondence remains of great importance in the English-speaking business world despite rapidly developing IT. The paper proves vitality of combining traditional and interactive methods of teaching business communication to shape a well-rounded language personality.

Key words: business communication, business writing, foreign language, intercultural communication skills, competence, the Russian federal state educational standard 3++, graduate student.



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