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About the measures of preparing the medical personals and its results in Uzbekistan

S.A. Djumanov
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UDC 378:61(575.1)      



S.A. Djumanov is Philosophy Doctor on Historical Sciences (PhD), Lecturer at Department of History of Uzbekistan, Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan


Researched are problems of training medical specialists for the system of public health in Republic of Uzbekistan. It’s known that the place of the medical personals which have high qualification in the works of the quality medical caring to people is important. For this reason, the preparing works of the medical personals were carried out in Uzbekistan during independence years. In the result of these measures, a number of positive results were achieved. This article is devoted to the measures of training the medical personals in Uzbekistan and its results.

Key words: decree of cabinet ministry, reforms, nurses, new conception, medical collages, secondary medical education, decree of the president.