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In search of tolerant paths in renewing of the World

Z.Ya. Umarova
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UDC 177   


Z.Ya. Umarovа is Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), Ass. Prof. at Grozny State Oil University n.a. аcad. M.D. Millionshtchikov e-mail:


Discussed is the problem of search for tolerant paths in the spiritual renewal of the world. The modern world is oppressed by a person and forces to admit that he did not choose this world in goodwill, in which a lie, hypocrisy, meanness, envy, hatred, betrayal. The need to rise to a higher level of knowledge of the world in relationships and mutual understanding of people is the requirement of time. It is important through the tolerant consciousness to find bonding paths leading to spiritual unity with all people of the planet. The technique creates convenience, but also lead to the crisis of human relations. It cannot specify the value guidelines, reveal the soul of the person and fill the content of those kind basements, without which the human life does not make sense. It is necessary to find ways in the modern world uniting all people and expand their intellectual and moral possibilities, through education and culture

Key words: life, meaning, tolerant consciousness, world, time, person, spirituality, technology, values.


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