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Ecological aspects of physical and mathematical training of students of modern college under conditions of globalization as pre-requisite for development of cognitive activity

Е.А. Ашихмина, O.A. Svetlova, Е.Е. Петров
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UDC 377            


E.A. Ashikhmina is teacher e-mail:; and O.A. Svetlova is teacher e-mail: Both at Moscow College “Energy”, Reutov City, Moscow region; E.E. Petrov is certified expert of WSR “CAD Engineering Design” at National Research University “Higher School of Economics” e-mail:


Examined is the role of ecological environmental component of physical and mathematical training, that determines the responsibility of professional activity in the context of development under conditions of high-tech economy. The analysis of the state of physical and mathematical training is given, the role of ecological aspects of physical and mathematical training of students of modern college in development of cognitive activity occurring in the context of globalization is shown, that mechanisms of increasing ecological culture of students of modern college are revealed.

Key words: ecology, environmental culture, physical and mathematical training, secondary vocational education, college, education, cognitive activity.



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