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Historical and legal concept of development of food security: experience of the NEP

E.G. Khrushchev, А.И. Левченко
80,00 Р

UDC 330.3"192"


E.G. Khrushchev is lecturer e-mail:; and A.I. Levchenko is legal expert e-mail: Both at South-West State University, Kursk City


Examined is the current legal issues of what is today called food security. The process of formation of this institution in the 1920s is considered through the prism of regulatory material. Such a retrospective analysis helps to prevent the dynamics of problems in modern state development. The purpose of the study is to identify the methodological, material and legal foundations for the emergence of food security during the New Economic Policy (NEP). Objectives to study the course of state and legal development during the NEP period are to analyze legal sources and archival materials of the Soviet policy in the 1920s in the field of food security. In the process of working on the study, a number of special methods were used, in particular, historical-legal, formal-legal, comparative-legal. The implementation of research tasks was achieved on the basis of a historical and legal analysis of the main sources and archival materials of the state and legal development of the NEP period, which enshrined the legal aspects of food security. An abstract review of the legal framework of the normative sources of the NEP allows to assert, that already in the 1920s, the issue of food security was formed. In addition, attempts were actively made to resolve it in corresponding legislative base formed. The experience of the NEP showed that the state agricultural food policy requires a very clear and clear legislative structure. These contradictions are more or less obvious in modern state of legal policy. This must be taken into account when making decisions. It is important to understand that the tasks of agricultural food policy do not have simple and complex solutions.

Key words: food security, historical and legal analysis, food policy, legal aspects, NEP, agriculture, food resources.




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