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The world economy. The corona virus pandemic. Unprecedented risks and uncertainties

V.V. Komarov , N.I. Litvina, E.V. Ananieva, L.V. Pronchenko
80,00 Р

UDC 339     


V.V. Komarov is Cand. Sci. (Economy), Prof. е-mail:; N.I. Litvina is Cand. Sci. (Economy), Prof. e-mail:; E.V. Ananeva is Cand. Sci. (Economy), Ass. Prof. e-mail:; and L.V. Pronchenko is Dr. Sci. (Economy), Prof., е-mail: all at Russian State Agricultural Correspondence University


Examined is processes of the dynamics of the world economy in crisis conditions. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the systemic vulnerability of the modern world economy. Sustainable development, the promotion of equitable growth, and the reduction of inequality can provide guarantees to overcome future crises. In the authors opinion, the coronavirus pandemic is a trigger for the development, creation and launch of new international mechanisms for overcoming new global crisis situations.

Key words: global economy, regional trends, coronavirus pandemic, risks and uncertainties, Russia, CIS, UN, WTO, Davos economic forum.



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