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Social health of modern Russian students (example SWSU)

E.A. Prelikova
80,00 Р

UDC 316.6:614         


E.A. Prelikova is Cand. Sci. (Sociology), Ass. Prof. at South-West State University, Kursk city e-mail:


Researched is the problem of social health of modern Russian students, based on example of students of South-West state university. The paper reflects results of the author’s sociological research, which allows to assess the level of development of social health components. Types of activities that contribute to socialization of SWSU students, formation of their active life position, self-awareness, communication systems and responsibility for the work performed are identified. The motives of students’ participation in public activities are studied.

Key words: higher education, social health, socially significant activities, students, socialization, research.



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This work was supported by a grant from the President of the RF for state support of young Russian scientists МК-788.2020.6.