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Teaching philosophy at a Technical University: the inconsistency of modern realities and possibility of digital methods

V.M. Lobeeva
80,00 Р

UDC 37.09:1


V.M. Lobeeva is Dr. Sci. (Philosophy), Ass. Prof., Prof. of sub-faculty of Humanities and Social science disciplines at Bryansk State Technical University e-mail:


Examined are modern problems of teaching philosophy at a technical university. The author shows that there is a pronounced contradiction between the goals and the current conditions of teaching philosophy, which makes it difficult to fully realize the potential of philosophy as an academic discipline. The thesis is formulated that the use of teaching methods based on digital technologies can help to overcome this contradiction to a certain extent. The author gives examples of using digital methods from her own teaching practice and proves their effectiveness as additional methodological tools. The necessity of increasing the number of classroom hours devoted to the study of philosophy is also emphasized.

Key words: philosophy, technical institution, system of teaching philosophy, tasks of teaching philosophy, conditions of teaching philosophy, digital methods in teaching philosophy.



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