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Information technologies as a resource for social development

A.O. Lepeshkin
80,00 Р

UDC 316.4:004             


A.O. Lepeshkin is PhD second-year student of Department of Humanitarian and social disciplines at University of Technology, Korolev City, Moscow Region e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of implementing projects in the field of information technologies that can act as resources for social development, as well as catalysts for the digitalization of the economy and the state. The author pays special attention to the study of the impact of information technologies on the quality of life of citizens in Russian cities. The article concludes that timely implementation of projects in the field of information technology, the creation of “Smart city” systems can not only improve the standard of living of the population, but also form new approaches to state government.

Key words: information technologies, comfortable urban environment, city development, local government organs, state.



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