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Futurology and Present: from improving the quality of human life to immortality

L.M. Allachverdiev, N.V. Ponomarenko
80,00 Р

UDC 001.18:(60+61)


L.M. Allachverdiev is student of Therapeutic Department е-mail:; and N.V. Ponomarenko is senior lecturer of Philosophy Department. Both at Orenburg State Medical University


Analyzed is the prospects for further development of humankind in future in the field of medical technologies. Trend “The science of the future” began to develop actively in the second half of the twentieth century. Futurology as a scientific and philosophical direction always actualizes the possible and alternative future, the ways of implementing the most fantastic ideas so far. Identifying possible lines of development and outlining the sphere of moral responsibility, futurology together with philosophy looks for opportunities to achieve immortality as a long-term goal. Then we consider the latest scientific medical projects to achieve a technical progress in improving quality and length of human life, bringing us closer to real immortality. While the first steps are being taken new methods of disease prevention are being tested, the causes of various pathologies are reconsidered and strategies for overcoming them are being developed. As a subject of study, the authors of the article review the role of medicine in the social life in the future as one of the most cutting-edge and high-demand areas of high-tech business, requiring philosophical reflection and fragmentation of the zone of responsibility on the way to real immortality.

Key words: futurology, medicine, real immortality, high technologies.



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