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Tendencies of civil society in Uzbekistan. Some views on formation of public chamber

S.Sh. Saidov
80,00 ₽

UDC 316.4(575.1)


S.Sh. Saidov is Dr.Sci. (Politology), the city of Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan e-mail:


Analyzed are trends in the construction of civil society in Uzbekistan. Examined is the structure of the Public chamber, described are its tasks, functions and responsibilities. Noted is, that in recent years a number of regulatory documents were adopted in Uzbekistan in this regard, and in some cases they contradict each other. The article recognizes not only organizational and legal aspects of formation of civil society, but also the need to strengthen its ideological foundations, increase civic engagement and introducing of democratic values. It is specially noted, that indicator of the mature level of civil society is not number of public organizations or official membership in them, but the level of citizens’ involvement in these organizations, i.e. social base of civil society, that determines socio-political stability in the country.

Key words: civil society, Public chamber, Uzbekistan, non-governmental non-profit organizations, social shock absorber, volunteering, paternalism, social partnership.