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Tutor accompaniment in formation of individual aesthetic space of personality: breeding of reading culture

N.V. Kirienkova, E.A. Kirienkova
80,00 Р

UDC 130.2:37.02

N.V. Kirienkova is senior lecturer at Altai State Pedagogical University е-mail:; and E.A. Kirienkova is assistant at Altai State Medical University е-mail:


Examined is the problem of actualization of demand of tutor by modern society in humanitarian education. Aesthetic component of tutor’s professional activity is presented in inseparable connection with moral breeding. Taking and sharing positions of modern specialists in art education as an object, childrens’ book is offered as universal cultural product, intended for aesthetic education of individual from early age.

Key words: tutor, tutor support, tutor association, culture, aesthetic breeding, individual educational route, project, profession-gram.


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