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Accumulated educational practices and information and communication technologies: problems, search of balance

A.V. Donskov, A.I. Klenin
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A.V. Donskov is senior lecturer e-mail:; and A.I. Klenin is Cand.Sci. (Economy), head of educational training center e-mail: at Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Researched is the problem of continuously going radical changes in the sphere of education. Many researchers believe, that it has an ideological commitment to traditional values and orders, social doctrines, but this is far from the case. Changes in society are very often reflected in education, and development and widespread use of modern information and communication technologies in this area is a confirmation. The article systematically combines principal results, complements many existing studies to date and forms a new idea of trends in introduction of digital technologies into the education system. Particular attention is paid to harmonization of traditional education and modern information and communication technologies. Analysis of existing problems in the sphere of using of information and communication technologies in traditional education systems is being presented. The authors of the article substantiate the absence of universal balance between traditional education and digital technologies, i.e. construction of “new education”, taking into account the needs of modern society.

Key words: information and communication technologies, education, search of balance, trends and prospects for development.



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