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Influence of economic processes on self-consciousness of persons

U.D. Rzaeva
80,00 ₽

UDC 101:316:338      


U.D. Rzaeva is PhD student at Baku State University, Azerbajan e-mail:


Discussed are concepts of economic processes and self-awareness, their relationship. It is determined, that modern economic processes are developing under influence of globalization, as well as in the context of tougher struggle for resources. Globalization and the environmental crisis affect economic behavior of people and formation of their economic interests. The analysis showed, that identity of modern person includes such elements of economic behavior, as number of basic values, related to the right to work and position in society, economic security and comfort. Self-awareness also reflects growing interdependence in the field of economic activity, prestige of particular profession in society, standard of living, traditional forms of management, and growing humanization of human relationships.

Key words: economic relations, economic behavior, self-awareness, economic needs and interests in modern society.



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