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Tolerant consciousness defines the meaning of human life

Z.Ya. Umarova
80,00 ₽

UDC 1/14   


Z.Ya. Umarovа is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Grozny State Oil Technology University n.a. аkad. M.D. Millionshtchikov e-mail:


Discussed is importance of tolerant consciousness in determining the meaning of human life. In globalizing world, rapid transformations are taking place, and people were almost unprepared for such big changes. Find the meaning of life would help a person tolerant consciousness, faith in his own strength, personal beliefs and ability to overcome contradictions. Strong-willed people are able to build a model of relations of the new world order, based on universal values, humanism, and act with knowledge. From the person, his creative approach depends the fate of both the person and the society, in that he lives. Such an approach to problems of the modern world allows person to find the meaning of his life, and tolerant consciousness — to determine a compromise path to principles of democracy, pluralism and global problems of the modern world.

Key words: faith, life, meaning, tolerant consciousness, world, globalization, open dialogue, person, test, responsibility, contradictions, problems.



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