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Planetary ideas and cosmic worldview by A.L. Chizhevsky

V.A. Meider
80,00 Р

UDC  001.32:93/94              


V.A. Meider is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. at Volzsky branch of Volgograd State University e-mail:


Presented is the analysis of scientific philosophical and poetry heritage of A.L. Chizhevsky, founder of helio-biology, one of most prominent representative of Russian cosmism. His personal, civil and moral features are revealed, creative way, humanistic ideals, cosmic world outlook are recreated. An attempt was made to show, that the legacy of the scientist and humanist thinker of 20th century has retained its relevance also at the present time.

Key words: science, philosophy, cosmic worldview, space, humanism, cognition, methodology, unity, interconnection, good.



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