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On the role of independent work in formation of students’ personality

Zh.F. Farkhadova
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Zh.F. Farkhadova is doctoral student at Sumgait State University, Azerbaijan e-mail:


Analyzed are problems of perception of outside world and its influence on personal qualities of person as important area of philosophical research. One of factors of this influence is the process of obtaining new knowledge through the educational system. Amount of information and modern technologies for its processing allow to expand possibilities of independent work, and, therefore, its influence on formation of personal identity. Attempt is made to determine conditions for effective organization of independent work. The article summarizes results of sociological survey, conducted at Sumgait state university. It is shown, that independent work of students must be improved. The role of teacher’s personality in organization of independent work, as well as general preparation of students, is noted. The learning process is becoming more interactive. There is dialogue between the teacher and the student, that becomes the basis of logic of thinking, disclosure of its creative potential. Necessity of expanding the worldview in teaching various disciplines is emphasized. For this, in the learning process one should turn to real facts and events, both of modernity and history.

Key words: system of education, training of students, independent work, self-awareness and worldview.



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