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Motivation potential of health saving of contemporary students

Т.И. Шмиткова, Н.А. Гнеднева, С.Н. Лебедева
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UDC 378:37.06:613.8    


T.I. Shmitkova is Сand.Sci. (Medicine), head doctor; N.A. Gnedneva is head of organizational and methodological department; and S.N. Lebedeva is sociologist at Voronezh Regional Clinical Center for Medical Prevention e-mail:


Examined is the problem of formation of healthy lifestyle among student youth as principal health-forming factor, i.e. key problem in development in modern society. The paper generates results of the author’s medical and sociological research in motivational resources of young people for self-correction in their style of life. Also identified are principle tendencies, determining the place of health in hierarchy in life values of students.

Key words: students, health, lifestyle, motivation, society.



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