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Two-circuit system of social management at rocket and space industry enterprises

T.Ю. Кирилина, M.A. Tkalich
80,00 Р

UDC 316:005.1   


T.Yu. Kirilina is Dr.Sci. (Sociology), prof., head of sub-faculty e-mail:; and M.A. Tkalich is lecturer e-mail: at University of Technology (UNITECH), city of Korolev, Moscow Region


Presented is two-circuit system of social management, that is the relationship between the subject of social management and the object of management with the ability to apply certain social technologies, aimed at specifying social target characteristics, contributing, in turn, to improving the organization of labor in the enterprise, through which strategic, tactical and operational goals of enterprise will be realized. Also, the authors carried out content analysis on the topic “Social processes in the documents of Roscosmos enterprises”. The analysis of documents consisted in identifying the fact of their mention and frequency of use. The main array of analysis was 70 sites owned by enterprises of the RCP and 159 official documents located on these sites. The principal purpose of studying official websites of enterprises belonging to the Roskosmos corporation was to determine, whether sufficient attention is paid to social processes by management, social development planning is carried out, and social development strategy exists. Analysis of documents showed, that principal interest of enterprise is directed only to the search and conditional assessment of labor activity of employees. There is clearly no traceability towards specific goals, objectives and industry indicators, since most sites do not have relevant strategic documents, that would define them.

Key words: social management, enterprise social management, aerospace industry, content analysis



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