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On the concept of modern system of national education

L.Kh. Urusova
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UDC 37.01  


L.Kh. Urusova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), senior lecturer at North-Caucasian Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of Krasnodar University of MVD of Russia e-mail:


The concept, cultural identity, features of the national mentality, the value foundations of life of Russian society and its educational system are studied. Its strategic orientations are defined, and also the practices of modern domestic education are explored. The national educational ideal of person, who is able to build and develop society on cultural, historical, spiritual and moral foundations of multi-national people of Russia is formulated. The author’s conclusion is made, that national educational ideal of person and social image of the future of Russia rely on the basis of the main meaning of strategic goal of domestic education.

Key words: education, national education, personality, personal identity, personality formation, patriotism.



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