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Anthropic principle in the mirror of philosophy

G.K. Ovchinnikov
80,00 ₽

UDC 11:113/119


G.K. Ovchinnikov is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof., deputy to editor-in-chief of the journal Alma mater (Vestnik vysshei shkoly) e-mail:


Presented is scientific project on elaboration of system version of anthropomorphic (intellect minding) principle with reckoning, firstly, self-organization of matter, other their attributes, and secondly, such of its indicators, that are being achieved by modern human civilization. Elaborated is actuality of such approach, shown are limitations of traditional interpretations of anthropomorphic principle, and also defined are new five directions of its development. The speech is about transition from observer cosmology to cosmology projecting.

Key words: anthropomorphic principle, meta-galactic, great explosion, delicate adjusting of physical and other constants of the universe to human being and human being to them, world system engineering, universe responsibility of human being for his activity on development of reasonable civilization of planet level.