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State of civil identity in Kyrgyzstan (sociological analysis)

Zh.Zh. Esenamanova
80,00 Р

UDC 308(575.2)


Zh.Zh. Esenamanova is post-graduate student at Bishkek Humanitarian University n.a. K. Karasaev e-mail:


Researched is the problem of civic identity as living process, developing on the basis of emotional and business feelings of belonging to the state and its territorial divisions, regardless of ethnic and religious affiliation, that are being realize through such rational concepts as system of state institutions, civil law, system of civic culture and ideology. The source of the paper is data taken on the basis of results of sociological research, conducted by the author in seven regions of Kyrgyzstan in the year of 2017 Conclusion is made, that today among Kyrgyz citizens civic identity provides diversified and close connection between the country and the citizen.

Key words: state, ethnos, citizen, civil identity, constitution.



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