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Methodology of social forecasting and planning at enterprise

M.A. Tkalich
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UDC 316:005.95/.96  


M.A. Tkalich is lecturer at University of Technology (UNITECH), the City of Korolev, Moscow Region e-mail:,

Examined are aspects of prognostic research at enterprise. Noted is the need for forecasting activity before planning, described are methodological stages for developing social forecasting, as well as particular significance of reckoning of social processes. As to the author, this methodology allows to avoid negative factors, affecting employee productivity, and to find the best ways to improve personnel, current and strategic social policy in the enterprise. Based on the analysis of different approaches in the research topic, the most important indicators were determined, that were considered by various groups of social processes at enterprise, suitable for forecasting.

Key words: social forecasting, social planning, forecasting at enterprise, prognostic studies, specificity of enterprise social planning, social forecasting methodology at enterprise.



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