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Development of competitiveness within framework of professional training of students of social sphere

E.V. Luneva, O.N. Bryzgalova, O.G. Khripunova
80,00 Р


UDC 316:331:378


E.V. Luneva is Cand.Sci. (Biology), doc., head of sub-faculty; O.N. Bryzgalova is master student; and O.G. Khripunova is senior lecturer at Kurgan State University e-mail:


Examined are possibilities of development competitiveness of students in the social sphere in the process of their professional training. The authors found, that competitiveness of student in the process of professional development depends not only on qualities of personality of young person, but also on activities of pedagogues. The paper identifies competitive qualities of future graduates of social areas of training and assesses their formation by potential employers. Also presented are effective practices of development of competitiveness in framework of professional training of students of the social sphere.

Key words: competitiveness, professional training, students, competitive qualities.



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