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From pedagogy of “learning” to pedagogy of “opportunities”

T.A. Pereskokova, V.P. Solovyov
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V.P. Soloviev is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), prof. at NUST MISiS; T.A. Pereskokova and is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Stary Oskol Branch of Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute


Examined is the problem of training university graduates for modern economy. It is noted, that the system of education is “servant and product” of dominant social and economic system. Also noted is, that present stage of economic development requires workers with entrepreneurial qualities. Conducted surveys have shown, that many students have propensity for entrepreneurship, but do not have necessary qualities, first of all, responsibility. Higher education needs to take care of instilling entrepreneurial qualities in students, that, first of all, include determination, initiative, responsibility, ability to take risks, that could be achieved by using interactive learning.

Key words: curriculum content, entrepreneurial qualities of personality, competence of graduates, assignment teaching techniques, students self-government.



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