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On alarming trend of transformation of target reference points of reforming of Russian educational system into risks

A.D. Kosmin, E.A. Kosmina
80,00 Р

UDC 33:005.33::378  


A.D. Kosmin is Dr.Sci. (Economy), prof. at Omsk State Technical University e-mail:; and E.A. Kosmina is Dr.Sci. (Economy), prof. at Omsk Humanitarian Academy e-mail:


Analyzed are quality of the Russian educational system, it’s positions among the «Big seven» and the Organization for economic cooperation and development. Defined are risks of various nature, determined mainly by inadequacy of means to targets of reforming of educational system. Substantiated is necessity of annual monitoring of growing knowledge of students as indicator of the level of efficiency of investments in human capital.

Key word: investments, risks, quality of student, quality of teaching staff, ratings and indicators of educational system, instrumental and terminal values.



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