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National socialism in mass consciousness of united Germany

M.V. Datsyshina

UDC 94: 316.4 



M.V. Datsyshina is Cand.Sci. (History), head specialist at Russian State Archive of Social Political History (RGASPI) e-mail:


Showed is on the basis of sociological researches of Forsa institute’ perception in minds of population in united Germany in mid-1990 of the period of national socialism. Answers on questions, divided into several thematic blocks, allow to study image of understanding of national socialist past in cognition of population in newly united Germany. Special attention is paid to political preferences of respondents. The author shows, how various representations of national socialist past in school programs of East and West Germany before unification of the country influenced on interpretation of national socialism in mass consciousness of Germans.

Key words: image of national socialism, unification of Germany, sociological questionnaire, politics of memory, years of 1990s.