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Problematic of prognostic researching of social processes at enterprises of rocket-space industry

M.A. Tkalich
80,00 ₽

УДК 316.4 22.00.08   


M.A. Tkalich is lecturer at University of Technology (UNITECH), city of Korolev, Moscow Region



Analyzed is the process of prediction of social processes as part of general forecast of social development of enterprise, during which technical and economic tasks are solved of increasing labor productivity and improving quality of manufacturing products. The author explores methodological aspects of prognostic study of social processes in enterprise, and also presents results of sociological study of problems and prospects for predicting social processes in enterprises of rocket and space industry. Importance of the research of enterprises of the rocket and space industry is that they not only set main trends for development of innovations, but also are the main driving force in development of the country. Sociological study was conducted in the form of questionnaire survey of 150 employees of JSC “Tactical missile weapons corporation”.

Key words: forecasting at company, social forecasting, prognostic studies, methodological aspects of prognostic studies, specificity of prediction of social processes.



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