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Integration of potential of culture of patriotism in formation of culture code: socio-culture practices in educational space

Л.Н. Жуковская, С.В. Костылев, О.Ф. Морозова, Е.А. Ноздренко
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УДК 316.75           


L.N. Zhukovskaya is doc., worker emeritus of the RF culture; S.V. Kostylev is senior lecturer; O.F. Morozova is Dr.Sci. (Culturology), prof.; and E.A. Nozdrenko is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), head of sub-faculty at Siberian Federal University e-mail:


Researched is the problem of influence of the cultural code on formation of culture of patriotism. Identified is functional role of cultural code in sociocultural practices of educational process. Review of theoretical approaches to definition of the concepts “cultural code” and “culture of patriotism” is presented, and also connection between the concept of “patriotism” and the system of cultural universals is considered. Experience of the research laboratory “Creative technologies of sociocultural practice” of Siberian Federal University on influence of national cultural code on formation of patriotism, on highlighting problems and contradictions of culture of youth patriotism in modern socio-cultural situation is presented Mechanisms of social interaction of generations are revealed on specific examples of implementation of socio-cultural projects in cultural institutions and educational organizations.

Key words: cultural code, patriotism, integration, socio-cultural practices, educational process, project.



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