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Tendencies in development of education in the system of formation of new trajectories for realization of social potential of society

L.A. Gerasimova
80,00 Р

UDC 316.4        


L.A. Gerasimova is Associate researcher at Institute for Social and Economic Research of Ufa Federal Research Center of RAS e-mail:


Researched are principal trends and problems of development of higher education, identified on the basis of analysis of qualitative and quantitative data reflecting main points of the problem. Analysis of opinions of experts in the field of higher education made possible to identify key problems in development of this field, that include devaluation and low prestige of the sphere of education, imperfect educational programs and low level of funding. The tendency of decrease in accessibility of education for population as level of it’s level increases at each subsequent stage is also revealed. Conclusions are made about necessity of improving the quality of existing educational standards, strengthening their orientation towards formation of socio-cultural competencies of younger generation.

Key words: higher professional education system, analysis of educational system development tendencies, specificity of optimization processes in educational system, quality of education, social and cultural standards, social potential of society.



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