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New language of new reality. Social and cultural factors of modern inter-lingual borrowings on example of Russian culture

Н.В. Кушнарёва, D.V. Konishevsky
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UDC 304.2: 808.5


N.V. Kushnaryova is senior lecturer; and D.V. Konishevsky is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Omsk State Railway University


Researched is the process of formation of globalization and multicultural factors, transforming modern social and cultural reality, affecting ongoing social processes and key elements of culture. In particular, attention of the authors is being attracted on the theme, that inter-lingual borrowings help to shape social and cultural space, denoting new phenomena, while exerting ambiguous impact on social and cultural background of the range of usage of this language.

Key words: social and cultural factors, inter-lingual borrowings, Russian culture, globalization, multiculturalism.



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