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Content-sliding and block-chain. Essence and content of new content in education

D.V. Lukashenko
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UDC 378 


D.V. Lukashenko is Dr.Sci. (Psychology), doc., leading researcher at Scientific Research Institute of FSIN Russia e-mail:


Substantiated is the author’s approach to education in modern society in new informational technological phase. Presented are the author’s technologies, enabling to realize block-chain in informational technological environment and also to create on it’s base informational developing environment with taking into account perspectives of artificial intellect into educational environment. Introduced is the author’s concept “content-sliding”, on the base of which substantiated is synergetic effect, getting by personality as to informational developing environment. Also introduced is the notion “net-group” as way of group interaction in informational educational space in the direction of generation of innovative content and formation on it’s fundament information blocks.

Key words: informational educational environment, neuron networks, block-chain, content-sliding, streaming attractor technology, synergetic effect in education, digital educational space, net-group.



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