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Professional training of police personnel: historical and regional aspect

E.A. Shatskaya
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E.A. Shatskaya is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), doc. at East-Siberian Institute of MVD of Russia (Irkutsk) e-mail:


Analyzed is regional experience of formation and reforming at institution for training of employees of internal affairs bodies. Defined is social significance of law enforcement activity of employees of internal affairs bodies. Also characterized is the process of training of employees of internal affairs bodies. Based on personal experience and visual observations, the author shows two components of the process of cadre completion of internal affairs bodies, i.e. quality of human potential and availability of material technical base. As part of the study of this issue, presented is historical survey on formation of Educational center of MVD at the city of Chita.

Key words: police personnel, training center, educational programs, educational institutions, educational complex.



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