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Virus of digital weak-mindedness

R.A. Kirgueva
80,00 Р


R.A. Kirgueva is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Krasnodar Municipal Medical Institute of Higher Nursing Education e-mail:


Analyzed is phenomena of world excessive insanity behind modern gadgets.  hasn't passed in a race completely for the new younger generation. Harmful and excessive hobby for computer games, tablets and various social networks completely changes reason and thoughts of children, leading to sad consequences. Addiction to the Internet and gadgets leads to loss of the whole generations. Especially worst influence is observed on children and teenagers. It is important, that society, family, school, out-of-school institutions create necessary conditions for formation of identity of child. One of such condition is creation in child moral values. Special measures must be done to take teenagers out of unreality world and to put their existing intelligence into the right way.

Key words: virus, cognitive violations, disorder of attention, depression, researches, self-checking, rescue of generation, unreal life.



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