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Competence oriented exam: demonstration and evaluation

E.Yu. Vasilyeva
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E.Yu. Vasilieva is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty at Northern State Medical University



Substantiated is approbated model of competence oriented exam in direction of Pedagogy among students in the field of “Psychology (bachelor’s level)”. Studied are results of evaluation of professional competences of examined students as to both traditional and competence approaches, as well as subjective perception by students of competence oriented exam. Conclusion is made, that competence oriented exam guarantees effective evaluation of competences under conditions of quasi-professional activity, and also arouses in examined high level of satisfaction with practical direction of results.

Key words: competence oriented exam, evaluation, traditional exam, demonstration, professional competence, class lesson, program, plan, self-evaluation, mutual evaluation, expert evaluation.



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