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Analysis of formation of cultural and professional competences of students by using IT. Substantiation of evaluation methods

N.V. Kozlova
80,00 Р


N.V. Kozlova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Penza State Technological University e-mail:


Presented are methods of analyzing the level of individual development of students, their personal growth, content of evaluation methods, determining degree of formation of cultural and professional competences by using of information technologies. Substantiation of efficiency of application of information technologies for individualization (personalization) and differentiation of process of training and education, and also interaction with future employers is carried out. Applying of information technologies in realization of evaluation methods might be used for both internal analysis for defining quality of educational process, and also external analysis.

Key words: competitive graduate, individual development of student. “personal growth”, general cultural and professional competences.



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