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Dialectics of spiritual and material culture in work

А.В. Лукаш, М.Ю. Шигапова
80,00 Р


A.V. Lukash is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. е-mail:; and M.Yu. Shigapova is PhD student e-mail: at Omsk State Transport University


Shown is, that in labor as fundamental social institution is demonstrating synthesis of spiritual and material culture, and their dialectical relationship is revealing. Manifestation of the latter is expressed in the fact, that only through labor person is able to embody spiritual intentions into tangible objects of culture. At the same time, person as the subject of economic activity in the process of social and labor relations is permanently able to choose between material and spiritual values. Dominant values determine the quality and content of products of material and spiritual culture, reproducing in the labor process.

Key words: labor, values, culture, spiritual, tangible, social and labor relations, motivations, morality, technology, dialectics, civilization, intentions.



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