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National history as academic discipline: on the new book by V.B. Chistiakov

G.K. Ovchinnikov
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G.K. Ovchinnikov, Dr. Sci. (Philosophy), Deputy editor of “Alma mater (Vestnik vysshei shkoly)” e-mail:


Substantiated is the need to improve the quality of study of the higher school discipline “Domestic History” as an important factor in the reproduction of the personnel potential of Russia’s historical destinies. The decisive condition for the successful solution of this problem is the process of historical socialization of future specialists. This means that not only the level of labor efficiency of the collectives where they will have to work, but also the active potential of civil society depend on their social and professional training. In this regard, discussed are the goals and objectives, the content and forms of historical socialization of students, including the post-Soviet period. In this regard, the author underlines the importance of questions of the theory and practice of social reforms. The way they are implemented defines the historical fate of not only the people who carry them out, but also the fate of the country.

Key words: history of Russia, Russian civilization, historical socialization, higher education, reproduction of personnel potential.