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Are Russian universities in need of creative writing?

T.V. Yakushkina
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T.V. Yakushkina is Dr.Sci. (Philology), prof. at St.-Petersburg Russian State Hydro-meteorological university e-mail:


Presented is survey of activity of 21st Fulbright summer school, dedicated to introduction of the course of “Creative writing” into programs of Russian universities. Participants from different Russian cities discussed the US’ approach to teaching creative writing, along with two Russian pilot programs, i.e. creative workshop of A. Astvatsaturov (Saint Petersburg) and master’s program on creative writing at NIU VShE (Moscow). Problems of content and organization of the course were in the center of discussion. Conclusion is made, that many Russian institutions are ready to incorporate the course of creative writing in their programs.

Key words: 21st Fulbright summer school, creative writing, humanitarian education in Russia.