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Problems of development of post-graduate studies at federal universities: analysis of opinions of key stakeholders

E.V. Mikhalkina, Yu.V. Filonenko, O.Ya. Gerasimova
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E.V. Mikhalkina is Dr.Sci. (Economic), Dean of Economic Theory Faculty e-mail:; Yu.V. Filonenko is Cand.Sci (Economic), Associated Professor e-mail:; and O.Ya. Gerasimova is postgraduate student e-mail:; All of them at Southern Federal University


Identified are factors, influencing on raising of efficiency of post-graduate programs and future professional development of post-graduate students in academic environment. The research is based on data of three focus-groups in frames of developing at Southern federal university foresight session of “Prospects for development of post-graduate study at federal universities”, participants of what were post-graduate program managers, deputy heads of departments, scientific leaders, members of dissertation councils, as well as graduate students, young lecturers with scientific degree, as well as without such, representing various areas of training of cadres of high quality (from natural science directions up to humanities and social sciences).

Key words: post-graduate study, scientific pedagogical cadres, academic career, competences.



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