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Attitude to time as factor, determining development of self-organization of educational activities of university students

S.A. Yudin
80,00 Р


S.A. Yudin is head of social psychological service at Kemerovo State Medical University e-mail:


Presented is the analysis of basic principles, influencing on development of self-organization of educational activity. The article is devoted to the study of self-organization of educational activities of students. The author analyzed approaches to the study of the phenomenon of self-organization in psychological and pedagogical literature. On the basis of theoretical analysis, assumption of dependence of self-organization on emotional color of psychological time is being built. Verified are cognitive emotional components of subjective time, influencing on self-organization of educational activity. The article might be interesting to researchers, whose scientific interests are in the sphere of self-organization of educational activities.

Key words: self-organization, time, time perspective of personality, activity.



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