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Physical readiness of students of technical university for future professional activity

R.M. Petruneva, V.D. Vasilyeva, A.S. Gladkikh
80,00 Р


R.M. Petruneva is Dr. Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., vice-rector for educational Affairs e-mail:; V.D. Vasilieva is Dr. Sci. (Pedagogy), Associate Professor, Professor of the Department “History, Culture, Sociology” e-mail: and A.S. Gladkikh Associate Professor of the Department “Sport education” e-mail:

at Volgograd State Technical University


Discussed is importance of physical readiness of future engineers for professional activity. Presented is analysis of students’ attitude to personal physical readiness, and also substantiated is necessity of searching for new pedagogical means of physical education, corresponding with modern socio-cultural conditions. Examined is attitude of students to training for performing GTO standards, and their motivation for going in for sports and physical culture. Presented are results of questionnaire of students of Volgograd State Technical University. Conclusion is made about necessity of integration of GTO complex into basic educational programs of higher education.

Key words: personal physical readiness, students’ value orientations, ARSC GTO.



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