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Conceptual model of formation of praxiological culture of university student

D.N. Devyatlovsky
80,00 Р


D.N. Devyatlovsky is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Lesosibirsk branch of Siberian State University of science and technologies e-mail:


Presented is analytical study, aim of what is to solve educational problem, related to consideration of conceptual model of formation of student’s praxeological culture in the course of his professional training at university. In the structure of conceptual model identified and described are principal components of such, that are reflecting general direction, as well as content and results of examined process, and it’s technological and methodical substantiation. Presented conceptual model of formation of praxiological culture of student might allow more exactly to interpret essence, meaning and resulting of that process at higher school. Developed conceptual model serves as a tool for deepening knowledge about the process being studied, as well as solving of applied problems of its organization in educational process of student’s professional training.

Key words: conceptual model, student, pedagogical laws, principles, conditions, praxiological culture, professional training.



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