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Ontologization of the object of cognition. Participation of truth

M.A. Perekhoda
80,00 Р


M.A. Perekhoda is post-graduate at Orenburg State University e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of search of new descriptive forms of cognition of necessity of inter-disciplinary researches and integration of modern knowledge and ontological reforming as to social-humanitarian cognition. Changing of place of paternalistic nature of relationship between the subject and the object of cognition, today an object centered installation comes into existence, that affirms self-sufficiency of the thing (object) in relation to the person (subject). Cardinally polar views of scientists of past centuries on research studies as to self-sufficient of the thing (object) as independent activity unit, phenomena of reality as it’s participant to real being, are analyzing in the article.

Key words: object of cognition, subject of cognition, truth, B. Latour, ontology.



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