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Global intellectualization: modern cycle

B.K. Kolomiets
80,00 Р


B.K. Kolomiets is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), doc., leading researcher at Institute of Quality of Higher Education of MISIS e-mail:;


Researched is the problem of intellectualization and informatization of contemporary society with project on visible historical future. Analyzed are potential possibilities of intellectualization and it’s possible sequences of such as to so called “end of history”. Characterized are methodological foundations for of research and engineering in the field of intellect and intellectualization. Given is the author’s vision of collective intellect of world community and moral imperative of such. Also presented are some author’s practical recommendations, dealing with realization of the problem of intellectualization and informatization of society under contemporary conditions.

Key words: intellectualization, informatization, engineering in the field of intellect, collective intellect of world community.



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