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Problems of industrialization and economic security of Russia: the role of the Russian technical society

V.V. Kadakin, G.G. Zeinalov
80,00 Р


V.V. Kadakin is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc., institute rector e-mail:; and G.G. Zeynalov is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. e-mail: at Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute n.a. M.E. Evseviev


Presented is analysis of one of the most interesting and mysterious pages of history of Russia, i.e. formation of industrial economy, ensuring industrial and military security, and also the country’s exit to forefront of competition with the world’s leading powers. The task of the article is to create a “bridge” between history of industrial development of tsarist Russia and industrialization of the USSR. The goal of the article is to determine contribution of Russian technical society into formation and development of principal directions of industrial economy of tsarist Russia and it’s deployment during industrial revolution in the USSR. Also characterized is the role of Russian technical society in mobilization of scientific potential of the country and emergence of it’d main economical centers/

Key words: Russian technical society, industry, industrialization, security.



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