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Outstanding Russian mathematician and teacher Nikolay Aleksandrovich Shaposhnikov

Р.С. Исмагилов, В.Я. Томашпольский
80,00 Р


R.S. Ismagilov is Dr.Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), prof. e-mail; and V.Ya. Tomashpolsky is Cand.Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), doc. e-mail: at Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Presented is analytical survey of scientific pedagogical activity of outstanding Russian mathematician of late 19th and early 20th century Nikolay Aleksandrovich Shaposhnikov. His brief biography and also review of his scientific works, textbooks and methodical articles are given. Shown is massive investment of N.A. Shaposhnikov in development of science, that is also nowadays of very interest because of scientific significance in contemporary researchers.

Key words: history of mathematics, Imperial Moscow technical school, sub-faculty “Higher mathematics”.



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