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Human anthropology in development of classic philosophical thought

Bao Shaoyong
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Bao Shaoyong is postgraduate student at Lomonosov Moscow State University e-mail:


Presented is analysis of anthropological turning in cognition of essence of human being from philosophical point of view. Doing is analysis of philosophy and it’s subjects. Shown is, that philosophy is reflected higher and specific qualities of human being, helping him to develop and realize enrichment of his dynamic and creative essence. Pointed is, that through research of human nature, methods of interaction with the universe might be introduced significant contribution into cognition of human essence. Given is definition of philosophical anthropology as doctrine, dedicated to problems of studying of meta-physic of human being. From that point of view, human being is presented as cultural essence, oriented on development of his own values. Conclusion is made, that through giving a meaning and using of philosophical anthropology we are little by little break through narrow horizon of philosophy of consciousness.

Key words: anthropology, philosophy, perception, person, views, metaphysics, representation.



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